Your First Visit (What to Expect)

Welcome to our office!  We look forward to meeting you and hope that the information on this website will make your first visit easier and more enjoyable.

Your first appointment will consist of a comprehensive examination and diagnosis by Dr. Barnett.  You'll start off with one of our Treatment Coordinators: Krista, Kiley, or Joy.  She will take some pictures of your face and teeth, take a quick look around your mouth, and (most importantly) talk with you about what your concerns are.  Then Dr. Barnett will join you for an assessment of your current and future orthodontic needs, treatment options, and anticipated treatment timeline.

Barnett Orthodontics visit

Your Treatment Coordinator will then be available to discuss further details and answer any questions you may have, including outlining our fees and generous payment plan options.  The emphasis of this visit is on determining your wants and expectations, and consulting with you to decide on the best approach to reach those goals.  

As everyone who works with Dr. Barnett will tell you, questions are encouraged from both the patient and/or parent.  It is our priority to ensure that you never feel rushed and that everything is explained in as much detail as you want.  We will give you the personal attention you deserve!